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About R.O.B.

The Robotic Operating Buddy(R.O.B.) is a next-generation artificial intelligence(AI) unit. This new technology is highly capable of assisting with homework, preparing meals, and many other things. R.O.B. is Bluetooth compatible with almost any “smart” device and can be accessed remotely. The Artificial Intelligence(AI) R.O.B. uses is unique in the way that it learns about how to assist best. When synced to your other devices, R.O.B. will confidentially track patterns in your interests to determine your preferences. This innovative process means he is also able to suggest future matches based on his algorithms. When utilized, R.O.B. can find customers cuter boots, cheaper groceries, and closer restaurants in record time. Through AI, it can also have a full conversation, and understand emotions. R.O.B. is more than a robot, R.O.B. is your best friend. R.O.B can not only be used personally, but helps in a myriad of other industries such as medicinal, educational, and research sectors.


Human ophthalmologists agree with another 60 % of the time. If they return to the same photo several hours later, they agree with their initial diagnosis 65%. New versions of AI, like the CC-Cruiser, have demonstrated an ability to correctly diagnose and treat patients with over a 97% accuracy rate in clinical settings. The use of AI can increase speed and accuracy of diagnosis, as well as the speed of care plan creation. That translates to less time spent in a doctor’s office and more in-depth results. This improved healthcare helps cut not only costs of future visits but also improves the quality of life for those nearby. R.O.B can help in the medical field as an assistant to current healthcare workers but must remain under supervision.


R.O.B will be a great help in the technology and other education industries by having a broader spectrum of knowledge than most humans. Not only does he have instant access to knowledge through our ever-evolving database, but he can understand complex questions and provide answers. Additionally, this technology is highly portable via any user agent. Due to this, learning takes on the ability to fit your schedule and environment. While in a conventional classroom environment, 30 some odd students are forced to learn the same material, all progressing at the same pace. Unfortunately, this does not work for all students. This standardization is why students fall behind in one especially tricky portion and then cannot recover: the teacher has moved on before they have absorbed the information. Being in an unconventional classroom with AI means the material becomes tailored to you. As the AI learns, it adapts to fit how you learn and what you may need extra help with mastering. This new approach dramatically improves the efficiency of the learner and makes sure their education does not have any of these holes which are typical of students. It also increases the speed of grading and other menial tasks that take up a significant portion of a teacher’s attention on any day.


R.O.B will be one of the greatest golf, basketballs, or soccer players you will ever know. R.O.B was built with AI to help him understand the stratgies of all sports or other recreations. Not only will he be great competition but will be able to travel with the customer. This companionship. R.O.B's AI allows him to track a wide variety of things. One of the newest additions is the drone. This drone allows R.O.B to see the world in a whole new perspective and you can see it too.


Particle physicists seek to unwind the inner workings of matter by forcing sub-atomic particles to collide. Physics is just one of the many research fields that have been improved by AI’s ability to analyze and differentiate in complex areas, simplifying previously impossible tasks. These new AI capabilities could transform the way we approach the world and science as we know it. It is only the beginning. R.O.B was introduced into the lab of the Large Hadron Collider to help with the research of the Higgs boson. He alone has found new characteristics and abilities of the particle. One scientist says that without R.O.B with may have taken years to find what he discovered.


One major benefit is that AI can help with the economy be making sure everything is running top notch. Artificial intelligence technology not only helps improve consistency of an action, but also customer base reactions. In today’s ever evolving world, it is essential to reflect that adaptation in the workplace. The idea of being not only involved, but championed by such a new technology leaves a sense of importance. They are among the first to be exposed and there remains a feeling of exclusivity. One study done by accenture says that artifical intelligence can boost productivity by 35% in the work place. Our robot rob will do the same in your home. He can take away the worry of doing all of the miscellaneous tasks.


R.O.B. is not capable of hurting anyone. R.O.B. follows the three laws of Robotics, which are:

1.)A robot may not injure a human being or allow a human being to come to harm.
2.)A robot must obey orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the first law.
3.)A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the first or second law.

These are set laws to help balance R.O.B. and to keep him from making mistakes or hurting anyone! In case of a malfunction, an alert is briskly sent to the tech support center and the robot disengaged and shut down until technology representatives arrive and reboot him with a clean disk. This stops any damage from being done and is very unlikely. One of our top prorities at Robs Robots is that we still want the humans to make the decision. We don't want to take away the freedom of choice of people based off of what a computer thinks. Humans made artifical intelligence so we should control it not it control us.


The development of R.O.B.'s AI capabilities cost one-hundred-fifty million dollars. In comparison, Siri cost Apple 200 million to produce. After creating this remarkable new intelligence system, we built the carbon steel body. Some of our top priorities were fully movable joints, smooth transitions, and an emotive face to increase situational adaptation. All of these allow for an experience very different to most industry standards today. Luckily, we can provide this technology at a one time cost of $30,000.

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