Our Story

From the beginging

Richard Trevithick and Andrew Vivian’s invention of the train back in 1804 brought about a great change for the world. People, products, and ideas were able to spread quicker than ever before. Their early invention has allowed 4.3 million people in just one day in New York to get from place to place. Now add Boston and New Orleans, and the rest of the world to that number. That is A LOT of people depending on trains. In addition to providing transportations to humans, each year $174.1 billion worth in freight is transported using trains!

With the recent spike in concern for our world’s health more consumers are researching electric vehicles than ever before. The transportation industry is preparing to see a large consumer shift towards renewably powered vehicles. It has been predicted that by 2030 almost one-third of the vehicles in the United States will be electric. It is pretty common knowledge that trains aren’t the cleanest transportation out there due to their use of fossil fuels. That is why our company founder, Earl Stevens, felt that trains should be included in this push to make transportation more environmentally friendly and cost efficient. He started a small foundation called Electrify which through time and hardwork has grown into our worldwide company-Electrax.

Our trains are built to be completely powered by renewable energy. This significantly lowers the amount of carbon monoxide gases emitted into the earth’s atmosphere. Our trains are more than electric. They are what is considered high-speed rail electric. This means all are built to travel at a minimum of 300 km/hr. Their high speed makes them great for traveling from city to city. In fact, Japan, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Scandinavia, Belgium and the Netherlands all have built high-speed rail transit systems using our technology. These countries have all benefited from the more eco-friendly long distance travel our trains . We are currently working with the United States to implement a high-speed rails around largely traveled routes. In addition to that project, we are working to create electric freight trains to help with speed and cost of products. The world of high-speed electric trains is only starting. Electrax is pleased to be a large influence on bringing a healthier and more efficient train into the future. If you would like to support our company please visit the contact page.