– Custom Designs –

Surface Materials

Covering the materials spectrum from countertops to cabinetry woods; and from floors to walls, GHID carefully selects classic materials that best showcase the style and enhance the lifestyle of our individual clients. We weave the elements of old-world expert craftsmanship, and creativity through colors, textures, and aesthetic details which lead to a luxurious and functional end result.


Our high-quality rugs are designed to enhance and harmonize interior spaces. We can customize colored yarns, patterns, textures, and weaves that are masterfully designed and implemented to your liking.


Custom furniture design is a trademark of Gloria Hayley Interior Design. We design appropriately to historical periods as well as innovative, unusual application pieces alike. Let us grant you access to numerous quality furniture and thousands of fabric possibilities. Our ability to understand the proper size and scale of custom furniture creates the perfect composition for your interior architecture and design.


GHID selects textiles that are woven in natural materials such as cotton, wool, linen, and silk, as well as, man-made materials. We also have developed close relationships with fabric mills from around the world. This enables us to create custom fabrics that are most appropriate for its intended use and a style that embraces your vision.


Often overlooked within interior design, architectural detailing is GHID’s specialty. Trained by the late master designer Lance Turner, Gloria Hayley (the founder of GHID) is fluent in her approach to the details of your interiors that architects and designers often miss. Her gift of ensuring proper execution of the details always creates masterpieces for her clients. Classical proportion and scale are the hallmarks of GHID’s custom interiors.