Assessments and Progress Monitoring

Assessment Tools

1. Use Formative Assessment Strategies that focuses on accuracy, efficiency, flexibility, and
appropriate strategy selection:
• Interviews – Students explain what they know about a topic (e.g. How did you figure this
• Observations – Tracking the strategies the students use (e.g. Students tell their peers
both the answer to a math fact and how they solved it.)
• Journaling – The students explain what they know about a topic through writing prompts
(e.g. If your friend did not know the answer to 4 + 5, how could he figure it out?)
• Quizzes – Questions are used to see if students know foundational facts. (e.g. Solve
these problems and tell how you solved them.)
2. Error Analysis: Determine whether errors in a student’s computation are based on
systematic misunderstanding of processes or procedures
3. Computation Fluency using Curriculum Based Measurement tools from Interventional

Progress Monitoring Tools

Math Coach: Malia Hite, Ed.D.